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Simplanova AL Tools (short – SALT) – a platform of tools that support you throughout your full Business Central C/AL code to AL conversion.

SALT automatically applies many of the fixes you would normally search for and apply manually, provides suggestions, implements useful developer functions, and gives you guidance throughout your project using cutting edge chatbot solution, developed in-house, connecting to the full Simplanova’s upgrade knowledgebase, compiled over the past 9 years.


Simplanova AL Tools automatically handles:

  • Code to Events. Event comments are extracted from codeunit delta files. All events are moved from AL files to dedicated event subscription codeunits, divided by object type (Table, Page, and Codeunit events). Where possible, code modifications are moved to the closest available event.
  • Triggers. Modifications are automatically moved into AL triggers where possible.
  • TempBlob usage is refactored into using the dedicated Temp Blob codeunit together with all functions, which are used to manipulate data inside the TempBlob record.
  • Breaking Changes. Part of the objects and methods, which have been split up, refactored, or renamed by Microsoft, are automatically updated and fixed accordingly. SALT covers more common cases. A full list of breaking changes is documented here.
  • Options to Enums automated conversion.
  • File Management issues. Whenever a deprecated function from the File Management codeunit is used, it is refactored to work in AL, including usage of Blob Import instead of directly working with files the original way.
  • Reports substitution. Standard reports to be renamed and substituted with custom ones.
  • Layouts. Transfer all layouts to a dedicated folder and update RDLCLayout property.
  • Answering NAV to BC upgrade questions. A Microsoft Teams chatbot will answer your upgrade related questions. If a question cannot be handled by the bot, you can log your question so our team can review and the chatbot can handle it next time.

How to get it?​

SALT is now publicly available from June 30th 2022. You can get the VS Code extension, MS Teams chatbot link and buy the license key by applying using this form or by contacting us at