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To get started with code conversion, first make sure to open an upgrade project using Visual Studio Code. It is very important to have these prerequisites:

  • Convert your C/AL solution to AL using Microsoft guidelines
  • When comparing C/AL code to generate delta files (using Compare-NAVApplicationObject powershell command), apply the -NoCodeCompression parameter. I.e.
Compare-NAVApplicationObject -OriginalPath "C:\Users\BC-User\Desktop\Convert\Deltas\StandardObjects.txt" -ModifiedPath "C:\Users\BC-User\Desktop\Convert\Deltas\CustomizedstandardObjects.txt" -DeltaPath "C:\Users\BC-User\Desktop\Convert\ExportedDeltas" -ExportToNewSyntax -NoCodeCompression 
  • Convert your C/AL code to AL using txt2al tool provided by Microsoft, following standard upgrade guidelines. You can also find additional information in Simplanova's blog.
  • Setup GIT for your solution to be able to revert any undesirable changes
  • Include delta files in your project folder (e.g., place them in ./deltas folder in the root of your project folder)
  • Download symbols for the base application (make sure .alpackages folder is present and contain files ending with .app extension)

For Simplanova Upgrade Chatbot, we will ask you to specify your company's domain address and will share a link using which you can access the bot.