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1. Do you support PTE install / update / delete?

This feature is not yet supported. We will add it once Business Central Admin Center starts supporting it. Microsoft plans to add it towards the end of 2023.

2. Support for GDAP relationship management? It's a pain!

Yes! Working on it. We will add support for creating new customers, assigning security groups and roles in an automated way. It will take some time.

3. Can you automate the setup process?

We are working on it! We are currently in the process of testing automation for authorizing MS Entra App in your customer tenants, however, it will take some time. We will later add features to sync Customers with your Partner Center.

4. When adding customers, I noticed is that I cannot press "Sync" on the customer line, at least nothing happens. I have granted the app inside the AdminCenter.

When adding new customers, please use the global Sync button at the top of the page and then once that is finished, there will be a notification. Please refresh browser after that notification. You will then see the customer data. Otherwise, it will take up to 2 hours to refresh.

The Customer Sync button on the customer line currently does not Sync for authorization but only for retrieving the latest data.

5. We find it hard enough to get our customers to approve a MS Entra App from ourself, <...>. Will it be possible to use our own MS Entra App instead?

When you first sign up, our portal creates an MS Entra App (prev. known as Azure AD App) which is dedicated just for your company. This MS Entra App is created in the same tenant as is the portal. We would prefer the MS Entra App to be hosted in your tenant, but unfortunately, we have to host the MS Entra App in the portal tenant so that the portal has permissions to make API calls. Each Partner has a dedicated app. In the future, we will add more control over your app.

6. What permissions are customers assigning when we are authorizing this app in the setup process? Can we alter BC data?

The app is set up to require permissions only for Admin Center API and BC automation APIs. There is no known way to access Business Central data via your MS Entra App.

7. Can Simplanova users access my dashboard page?

No, Simplanova users or admins do not have access to your dashboard screen. You can only give us access by creating adding our users to your Microsoft tenant.

8. What I would love to be able to do is select a time and date when Apps (Extensions) will be updated in bulk so we can push updates to our customers and let them know in advance. Is this something that will be available in the future?

Yes, this is supported in a scenario where the App (Extension) is installed from Appsource. Once an update becomes available, you can then either bulk update for all selected environment or schedule for a time later. This is controlled from the "Manage Apps" page.

If an update of the app is not available on Appsource - we will not allow scheduling it.

We do not yet support a scenario for managing PTE (non-Appsource extensions). This will be added once Microsoft starts supporting PTEs in Admin Center (soon).

We do not yet have auto-update feature - this will be a setting for minor updates added by Microsoft soon, we will build on top of that one.

9. Could you also give some insights into the business model? The BC Admin Portal is currently free, but I imagine that there is plans for some kind of subscription model here?

We do not plan having a paid option in the short to medium term. Eventually, we will have to do one of the following: paid option based on number of customers (i.e. paid above 20 customers), introduce paid features or add non-intrusive promotion for our other products/services. We are more likely to go with the first one and it would likely be in the range of 100-200 eur/month, i.e. where you'd be charged 100 eur/month for having over 20 customers and 200 eur/month for over 100 customers.

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