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Frequently Asked Questions for Report Converter

Q: Report conversion log warns that compilation has failed because table 359 is missing - what should I do?

Simplanova Report Converter does not handle errors related to changed objects between NAV versions. In this case compiler warns that table 359 ‘Posted Document Dimension’ (which was available in previous NAV version) no longer exists. This table, together with all other dimension tables, had been redesigned into table 480 ‘Dimension Set Entry’ starting from version NAV2013.

You must manually resolve the error by editing the converted report and replacing all links to table 359 with table 480.

Tables defined as report DataItems MUST BE EXPORTED together with report source. Failing to do so will result in multiple conversion errors as the Simplanova Report Converter uses table information to determine primary keys for tablix grouping purposes.

Some source report sections might have references to fields from other data tables as well. We recommend to include those tables when performing conversion. If they are missing, the conversion will succeed but decimal and date textboxes might have incorrect formatting.

You can quickly identify which tables should be included by reviewing conversion log. Look for lines similar to this: “Datatype of Control SourceExpr: CompanyInfo.“Phone No.” in Report ID: 206, Report name: Sales - Invoice10 is unrecognized, Table: CompanyInfo ID 79 is missing”. It means that table 79 ‘CompanyInfo’ should be included in the uploaded object file.

Q: Dynamics 365 Business Central Spring release throw: Attempted to issue a client callback while a write transaction started… How do I fix that error?

If you getting similar error you shoul check your CustomSetting.Config file and set or include AllowSessionCallSuspendWhenWriteTransactionStarder = true.

<add key="AllowSessionCallSuspendWhenWriteTransactionStarted" value="True" />

Q: What features are currently not supported by Simplanova Report Converter?

We are working very hard to make full conversion of classic reports to RDLC format possible however some features are not yet available at this time. These include:

  • Report transheader / transfooter conversion
  • Oval shapes in controls
  • Background pictures