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If CurrReport.NEWPAGEPERRECORD function is used with assignment in DataItem‘s OnPreDataItem() trigger, new group by DataItem primary key is created which has BreakLocation=Between (Group Properties -> PageBreaks -> BreakLocation) and is executed if CurrReport.NEWPAGEPERRECORD returns TRUE.

  • Example. Conversion of CurrReport.NEWPAGEPERRECORD function.

    If there is function CurrReport.NEWPAGEPERRECORD used with assignment in some DataItem‘s OnPreDataItem() trigger, currreport.newpageperrecord

    then during conversion there is column with function CurrReport.NEWPAGEPERRECORD value and DataItem table primary key as a Data Source created. currreport.newpageperrecord

    Also group created with grouping expression: currreport.newpageperrecord

    and page break option Between each instance of a group selected. currreport.newpageperrecord