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If EXIT function is used in some Classic Dynamics NAV report DataItem OnAfterGetRecord() trigger, code from same DataItem sections is still excecuted. If code from DataItem sections triggers is added to C/AL functions durring the conversion, these functions are excecuted before EXIT function so that the flow woult be the same as in Classic. There can be also BEGIN END sentense added if it is necessary (for example, if EXIT used with IF THEN sentence without BEGIN END part).

  • Example. Conversion of EXIT function.

    If there is EXIT function used in some DataItem‘s OnPreDataItem() trigger exitfunction

    and DataItem (in this case DimensionLoop1) has some sections with code which are converted to new C/AL functions (for example, SRB_DimensionLoop1_Body1_OnPreSection() and SRB_DimensionLoop1_Body2_OnPreSection()), then section trigger functions are executed before EXIT execution. exitfunction